Our products for the home  feature outstanding innovation and represent great value for money. 

Daytek Australia vision is to constantly strive for innovations that will help the daily lives of all our customers. For example, the Daytek rotary clotheslines are designed to reduce line sag, our laundry trolleys have safety catches to prevent collapse, and even our clothesline pegs have finger and clothes grips to make hanging your washing easier. 

At Daytek Australia, we pride ourselves on personalised customer service and our replacement parts are available within 24 hours, to make your product maintenance stress-free.

Great Australian-made products. Designed for today.


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Tradesman Galv Wheelbarrow 100L

Daytek's 100 Litre galvanised tray wheelbarrow. The barrow of choice for those who want the toughest barrow. Ideal for asphalters, concreters and bricklayers. Australian made.


Tradesman Poly Wheelbarrow 120L

Durable high-capacity 120 litre poly bowl.


Twin Fold Down Classic Bracket

The Twin Fold Down has all of the features of the Single Fold Down and, in addition, offers the versatility of two frames.



Twin Fold Down MK2 Lift and Lock

The Daytek Australia Twin Fold Down clothesline offers the combined flexibility of two clotheslines in one with the versatility of two frames that operate independently.



Wing Airer Storm

The Daytek Australia Winged Airer provides upto 18 metres of hanging space when the weather is inclement or space is of a premium.


Colour My Day

Brighten your day with colours that perfectly match your exterior decor and garden. Choose from our extensive range of colours including Black, Hawthorn Green, Coastal Blue & Sand or speak to us about a custom-made colour solution.

Select from our standard range or pick a colour to suit, where ever you see this badge!