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Clotheslines and wheelbarrows from
Australia's industry leader

Daytek offers an innovative product range, including:

  • Rotary clotheslines – 10 year warranty
  • Outdoor Fold Down clotheslines – 10 year warranty
  • Indoor clotheslines that can be wall or ceiling mounted – 5 year warranty
  • Wheelbarrows with poly or galvanised steel trays – 5 year warranty on
    galvanized wheelbarrows.

Latest news

Great new clothesline colour range available now. Many of our clotheslines are now available in a range of colours designed to coordinate with popular roofing and exterior colours. Click below to see the new range of Daytek Clothesline colours available.

All of our products come in a range of models to suit your requirements. As a 100% Australian-owned company, we are proud to say that many of our products are Australian made.

Daytek is renowned for reliability and performance. Most of our products come with a five year or 10 year warranty.

Our products feature outstanding innovation and value for money. We offer the perfect balance between great features and an affordable price. For example, the rotary clothesline range has design features that reduce line sag.

You will find that we also offer excellent customer service and replacement parts if you need them.

The Daytek range is sold throughout Australia and internationally in leading hardware retail outlets. Our clotheslines – in particular the indoor models, which are perfect for use in high-rise flats and apartments - are popular around the world.

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